Overhaulin Application


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  • Overhaulin’ is an American automotive reality TV show that ran for five seasons on TLC between 2004–2009. The show remains available via re-runs and syndication.

overhaulin application

overhaulin application – Overhaulin TLC

Overhaulin TLC
Overhaulin TLC
Can a group of custom car builders working with lightning speed on a limited budget transform a guy’s clunker into a hot custom car without him knowing it? We’ve all seen them. They sit in the driveway or front yard for years or they’re driven in complete embarrassment. We’re referring to the all-American eyesore -the clunker. Using stealth and cooperation from friends and/or family to separate the car from the owner, Overhaulin’ takes these clunkers to a nearby garage and gives them a complete, ultra high-speed custom makeover. Watch the transformation from faded out heap to custom car. Our team of builders, lead by hot rod automobile designer Chip Foose, will lead the way. After finding out the owner’s dream for his beater, the team kicks it into gear – sanding, stripping, painting, grinding – because they’ve only got a few days and a limited budget to get the job done. It’s a bumper-to-bumper journey to the final transformation into a cool set of wheels. And along the way, our hosts will have to keep the owner guessing as to where his car is while the work is getting done. Will these automobile wizards be able to pull it all off in a few short days and on a tight budget? And how will the owner react to his new ride?


This is the pic I took of me. I’m going to send it in together with my hubby’s pic, with an application to Overhaulin’!

Overhaulin' 442

Overhaulin' 442
This Oldsmobile 442 appeared in the TV series Overhaulin’.